About Tammy...

     Tammy is a 30 year Constable currently employed by the Niagara Regional Police. 


     She was born and raised in the Niagara Region.  She was brought up by a strong, single Mom who instilled in her a sense of pride in herself and the community in which she lived.


     Tammy had two cousins who were police officers and since childhood had the desire to follow this career path too.  She was hired and spent the first nine years policing the streets of Toronto with the then Metropolitan Toronto Police Service.  She worked in several divisions and had the opportunity to work in plainclothes and was one of the creators of the Church Street Community Patrol.  This was at a time when there were numerous issues with assaults in the Gay Village.  She and other officers became known and trusted in this diverse community.


     While working in Toronto she married and had two children.  She applied to and was accepted into the Niagara Regional Police Service where she worked as one of only a few black officers. 


     She studied Criminal Psychology at Niagara College.  


     Tammy is currently off on stress leave due to workplace issues but continues to champion for more inclusion and diversity in Police Services Canada-wide.