About Angie...

     Angie was born and raised in Guelph Ontario, where her mother worked as a dispatcher for the Guelph Police Service. This gave Angie rare insight into the policing world. She was drawn to the sense of pride and community service she saw in her mentors at the police service and the family-like environment. Angie discovered her passion for the intricacies of law in a grade 11 law class, and knew then, policing was where she belonged. Despite becoming a young single mother at the end of high school, Angie never gave up on her dream.

     Angie graduated from Mohawk College, where she also worked part-time as a Politics tutor. After several years of working full time in the private sector, and focusing on her daughter, Angie decided it was time to follow her dream of policing. Angie received offers of employment from OPP, Guelph, and Waterloo. Angie began her career with the Waterloo Regional police in 2006, where she enjoyed her first years on a platoon that felt like family to her. Angie was married in 2010 and welcomed another daughter in 2011. She thinks of her daughters as she pursues respect and equality for women in the workplace.


     Angie would like to thank everyone who befriended and supported her along the way, she loved her job and doesn’t regret a single moment of service to the community.